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Enjaz Remittance Tracking

In today’s modern world, international remittance services play a crucial role in facilitating seamless money transfers across borders. Enjaz Remittance is a popular and reliable platform that offers efficient remittance services for individuals sending money to their loved ones in different countries.

The Enjaz remittance tracking system and other essential aspects of this service. So, if you are someone who frequently sends or receives money through Enjaz, keep reading to learn more!

Enjaz Remittance Tracking India

For individuals residing in India, Enjaz provides a convenient and secure way to track remittances sent from abroad. By using the Enjaz remittance tracking service, you can easily monitor the status of your money transfer. Whether you are waiting to receive funds from a family member working overseas or you are the one sending money to India, this tracking system ensures transparency and peace of mind.

What is the CIF Number in Enjaz Card?

When using Enjaz Remittance services, you will come across the term “CIF number.” CIF stands for Customer Information File, and it is a unique identification number assigned to each customer by the bank or financial institution. The CIF number is essential for various banking transactions, including remittances. It helps Enjaz to verify the sender and recipient’s identity, ensuring that the money reaches the right hands securely.

Where Do I Claim Enjaz Easy Transfer?

Enjaz Easy Transfer is a hassle-free way to send and receive money internationally. As a recipient, you can claim your Enjaz Easy Transfer at any authorized payout location in your country. These payout locations are typically banks, financial institutions, or Enjaz branches. Ensure that you carry a valid ID proof and the transaction details when claiming the remittance.

How Long Does It Take for Enjaz to Transfer Money?

The time taken for Enjaz to transfer money depends on various factors, including the destination country, the mode of transfer, and the remittance amount. In most cases, Enjaz strives to provide fast and efficient remittance services, and the transfer is completed within a few hours to a few business days. However, it’s essential to consider any potential delays due to currency conversion or processing times of the recipient’s bank.

Enjaz Customer Service

Enjaz takes pride in its excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your remittance, you can reach out to Enjaz’s customer support team. They are available through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat on the Enjaz website or mobile app. The dedicated support staff will assist you with any inquiries and ensure a smooth remittance experience.

Enjaz Transfer Branches List

Enjaz has an extensive network of branches and partners worldwide, making it convenient for customers to access their services from various locations. To find the nearest Enjaz transfer branch, you can use the branch locator feature on their website or mobile app. This way, you can easily initiate remittances or inquire about the status of your transfer.

About Enjaz Remittance Tracking

Enjaz Remittance Tracking is a user-friendly online tool that enables customers to track their money transfers in real-time. By entering the transaction reference number or the sender’s details, you can get instant updates on the status of your remittance. This feature is particularly helpful for both the sender and the recipient, as it reduces anxiety and ensures the money reaches the intended recipient promptly.

How to Track Parcels from Enjaz Tracking?

In addition to remittance services, Enjaz also offers parcel tracking services. If you have a shipment sent through Enjaz, you can easily track its status using the Enjaz Tracking system. Similar to remittance tracking, you need to enter the parcel reference number or the sender’s details to get the latest information on the shipment’s location and expected delivery date.

How Can I Know My CIF Number in Enjaz?

To know your CIF number in Enjaz, you can follow a few simple steps. Firstly, visit the Enjaz website or log in to the Enjaz mobile app. Go to the “Profile” or “Account Information” section, where you will find your CIF number along with other essential details. Alternatively, you can contact Enjaz customer support for assistance in retrieving your CIF number.


Is Enjaz Remittance Tracking available for all countries? 

Yes, Enjaz Remittance Tracking is available for all countries where Enjaz offers its services.

Can I cancel a remittance after it has been sent through Enjaz?

Once a remittance is sent through Enjaz, it cannot be canceled. It is essential to double-check the details before initiating the transfer.

Is Enjaz’s customer service available 24/7? 

Yes, Enjaz’s customer service is available 24/7 to assist customers with their remittance-related queries.

What happens if I provide the wrong CIF number during a transaction? 

Providing the wrong CIF number may lead to delays in processing the transaction. It is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the recipient’s details before initiating the remittance.

Are there any hidden fees or charges when using Enjaz for remittances? 

Enjaz aims to provide transparent and competitive pricing. Any applicable fees or charges will be clearly communicated before initiating the transaction.


Enjaz Remittance Tracking is a reliable and efficient solution for individuals who need to send or receive money internationally. With its user-friendly tracking system and widespread network of branches, Enjaz ensures that your remittance reaches its destination safely and swiftly. Whether you are in India or any other part of the world, Enjaz’s seamless services make money transfers a breeze.

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