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KMTC Tracking

KMTC (Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd.) is a prominent shipping company specializing in container transportation services. With its extensive global network and advanced tracking system, KMTC offers efficient container tracking solutions to ensure the smooth movement of goods across various destinations. The company’s commitment to providing reliable and transparent container tracking services has made it a preferred choice for businesses engaged in international trade.

Enter Bill of Lading (BL) / KMTC Container Tracking number in Below tracking system to track your cargo , shipping line , koria marine transport and IGM Item delivery status details online.

How to Track and Trace KMTC Container Status?

Tracking and tracing the status of your KMTC container is a straightforward process that empowers you with real-time information about your cargo. To track your container, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the KMTC Website: Go to the official KMTC website and navigate to the “Container Tracking” section.
  2. Enter Container Number: Enter the unique container number (the container ID or B/L number) in the provided search bar.
  3. Retrieve Status: Click the “Track” button, and the system will display your container’s current status and location. You’ll receive information about departure, arrival, and any intermediate stops.
  4. Receive Notifications: KMTC’s tracking system allows you to set up notifications. You can receive alerts via email or SMS regarding any changes in your container’s status.

KMTC Shipping Line

KMTC operates as a renowned shipping line, facilitating global trade and logistics. With a focus on container shipping, the company plays a crucial role in connecting businesses across continents. KMTC’s fleet of modern vessels is equipped to handle diverse cargo types while ensuring efficiency and reliability in delivery.

Five Decades of Service

Established over five decades ago, KMTC has amassed extensive experience in the shipping and logistics industry. Its long-standing presence has allowed the company to develop a deep understanding of customer needs, leading to the continuous improvement of its services.

Provision of Best Service

KMTC is dedicated to providing the best service to its clients. This commitment is reflected in its reliable schedules, competitive pricing, and customer-oriented approach. The company’s emphasis on quality service has contributed to its reputation as a trusted partner for international trade.

Global Logistics Network

KMTC’s global logistics network encompasses vital trade routes and major ports worldwide. This extensive coverage ensures that cargo can be transported seamlessly to and from various destinations. By strategically positioning its services, KMTC facilitates efficient supply chain management for businesses of all sizes.

Certified Integrated Logistics Company

KMTC is not just a shipping company; it’s a certified integrated logistics company. This designation underscores the company’s comprehensive approach to cargo transportation, encompassing not only shipping but also various aspects of logistics, including warehousing, distribution, and value-added services.

Korea Marine Transport Co Ltd (KMTC) Customer Support Contact Details:-

Telephone Number: + 82-2-311-6114
Contact Email: [email protected]
Fax Number: + 82-2-6008-8000
Usual Tracking Number Format: Prefixes KMTC, KMTU and contains both digits and letters


What is the KMTC Line? 

KMTC Line, short for Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd., is a leading shipping company specializing in container transportation services. It operates a global network of vessels and offers efficient logistics solutions for businesses engaged in international trade.

How do I track and trace Korean Marine Transportation Company containers? 

To track and trace Korean Marine Transportation Company (KMTC) containers, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official KMTC website.
  • Navigate to the “Container Tracking” section.
  • Enter the container number (B/L number) in the provided search bar.
  • Click the “Track” button to retrieve the container’s current status and location.

How can I use GoComet’s KMTC Line container tracking tool? 

GoComet offers a container tracking tool for KMTC Line shipments. To use it:

  • Visit the GoComet website or app.
  • Enter your KMTC container’s tracking number.
  • Click “Track” to get real-time updates on your shipment’s status.

Where do I get the tracking number of my KMTC shipment? 

You can find the tracking number, also known as the B/L number, on the shipping documents provided by KMTC or your freight forwarder.

When will my KMTC Line shipment arrive? 

The estimated arrival time of your KMTC Line shipment depends on factors such as the shipping route, distance, and potential delays. You can track your shipment’s progress using the provided tracking tools for real-time updates.

Can I track the sailing schedule of the KMTC shipping line? 

KMTC typically provides information about its sailing schedules on its official website. You can access this information to plan and track your shipments accordingly.

What is the container freight rate for the KMTC shipping line? 

Container freight rates for KMTC shipping line services can vary based on container size, destination, and market conditions. It’s recommended to contact KMTC or your freight partner for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

How does GoComet’s KMTC tracking tool work? 

GoComet’s KMTC tracking tool uses real-time data to provide accurate updates on the status and location of your KMTC Line container. It pulls information directly from KMTC’s tracking system to keep you informed.

How accurate is the KMTC tracking tool by GoComet? 

GoComet’s KMTC tracking tool relies on data provided by KMTC’s official tracking system. It offers a high level of accuracy in reflecting your shipment’s real-time status and location.

How do I track my KMTC line shipments without a booking number? 

Tracking your KMTC line shipments typically requires a booking number or container number. If you don’t have this information, you may need to contact KMTC or your freight partner for assistance.

Why is my KMTC line shipment delayed? 

Shipments can experience delays for various reasons, including weather conditions, port congestion, customs clearance, and logistical issues. Tracking your shipment regularly and communicating with your logistics provider for updates is advisable.

How can I get container delay updates on KMTC line shipments? 

You can receive container delay updates through KMTC’s official communication channels, such as their website, customer service, or tracking tools. GoComet’s tracking tool may also provide notifications about delays.

Is GoComet’s Korean Marine Transportation Company container tracking tool free? 

GoComet’s container tracking tool may offer both free and premium versions. Check their website or app for details on the features and pricing options available.


KMTC’s container tracking services offer a window into modern logistics. With its user-friendly tracking system, commitment to excellence, and global network, KMTC plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of international trade and supply chain management.

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