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SGPC Tracking

The tracking program has made life easier and benefits import-export businesses. You can now easily equip the resources and tools suitable for business success wherever you are. Your merchandise will be delivered on time and will be less costly.

SGPC tracking operates the largest terminals of containers that move heavy and delicate objects to their destination. This tracking application has plenty of options for its clients that profit from their businesses. SGPC recorded no errors in delivering important goods in all these years.

SGPC Tracking History

Saudi Global Port Co. was established in the year 2012. A joint trademark of PIF and PSA international. SGPC Tracking is a member of the PSA group. The Saudi Government took a great initiative. SGPC is situated in Dammam, alongside the Arabian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia. SGP operates terminals in king Abdul Aziz Port. It is near the economic gateway of the country, the city of Riyadh capital of Saudi Arabia, which is also connected to the Dry port.

SGPC Tracking

A second container terminal at the strategically important King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam on the Arabian Gulf is being built. It will be managed by Saudi Global Port LLC (SGPC), a joint venture between the Saudi public investment fund (PIF) and PSA International. Dammam’s SGP port will include cutting-edge machinery and technology to keep up with the expanding needs of the Saudi economy and its neighbors on the Arabian Peninsula.

  • With its proximity to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s financial and political center, and excellent rail and road connections, this port has become the country’s busiest.
  • Certification from a credible source is essential to guarantee that they have the proper authorization. If your business’s shipment becomes lost or destroyed in transit, having a bonded and insured carrier might help you recover your losses.
  • Shipping companies may provide convenient cost-cutting choices. By forming a strategic alliance with the freight company, you may receive savings whenever you employ its services to carry out commercial deliveries. It might be far more cost-effective to work with a specialized corporate freight provider rather than a public shipping company in the long run.

SGPC Revolutions (2012-2021)

There are significant milestones achieved by SGPC over the years, which are mentioned below;

  • In 2012, after the port SGP and Mawani were established, they negotiated for the second terminal establishment at the port of King Abdul Aziz.
  • In 2013, the foundation was approved by the largest container terminal network in Saudi Arabia.
  • 2014 was one step ahead to reaching the significant milestone by receiving the advanced training and testing of RTGs and QCs.
  • Now comes the most awaited operation that was held in 2015, the commercial container terminal started.
  • In 2016, SGP achieved the 150 VR that moves per hour.
  • For the operation of the railway Dammam port, SGP bought 8 RTGs and developed them to support the operation in 2017.
  • In 2018, SGP managed a total of 1 million containers.
  • The achievement of SGPC in 2019 was 207 VR technology that moves per hour.
  • In 2020, the most outstanding achievement of all time was the Build, operate, and Transfer (BOT) agreement to operate the first and second terminals in King Abdul Aziz Port. This milestone will expand the port into a giant hub of containers that will manage almost 7.5 million TEUs annually.
  • In 2021, SGPC reached the number of 4 million containers and was managing them professionally.

SGPC Services

There are two types of services one for operational purposes and the other for technical purposes. Both have excellent services that match the standard of SGP, which are as follows;

  • All kinds of containers are professionally handled, including all the loading and unloading.
  • Six tracks for railway operation are about 7.2 km in length.
  • Inspection service of containers available 24/7. It includes sampling, repacking, and stuffing services.
  • There is a huge capacity for reefer services for frozen cargos that handle the chilled consignments under 24/7 observation.
  • The CFS services are essential for every port. SGP provides container freight services with covered and open storage houses available for seaport delivery.

The technical services that have upskilled facilities are;

  • Strict CCTV security services are working 24/7 like a hawk.
  • Online transactions are available.
  • Tracking applications have made it easy for customers to be acknowledged for berthing report schedules.
  • EDI’s services are the fastest data uploading facility for importing and exporting EDI.
  • Last but not least, the VIP services of cargo with full security check.

SGPC Facilities

SGPC offered plenty of facilities to make the customer experience long-lasting. It includes;

  • There are six X-ray machines.
  • A giant quay crane that is capable of twin lifting.
  • There are 116 total forklifts.
  • Rail facility with six tracks
  • Reach stackers that are a total of 21 number
  • Reefer points with 2500 plugs
  • Total 161 prime movers 
  • Quay Length
  • 39 Rubber tire gantry (RTG)
  • Berth depth
  • Terminal land area 

SGPC Future Goals

SGP sets the goal to become a successful global port of all time. They have planned to upgrade their technologies and invest in the Dammam port expansion into a giant hub. The main vision is to maintain the client’s and shareholder’s reliability and productivity level, give competitors more tough time, and aim to achieve incredible goals for the port. SGPC aims to maintain basic values like customer service, communication, reliability, flexibility, efficient performance, and innovation.

SGPC Tracking Pin Code

For customer experience satisfaction, SGPC Tracking provides the code for the consignment booked with cargo, container, and transport. All have the specific pin code given to each consignment for recognition. With the help of a pin code, the consignment reaches its desired location and is on time.

SGPC Tracking with Tracking Number

The tracking consists of cargo, transport, or containers with a specific tracking number that helps track and trace the order. The tracking number consists of 11 digits number that is made up of four letters and seven long numbers code. As mentioned below;

  • Open the SGPC official page and go to E-services.
  • Click on the BL tracking.
  • A page will appear on your screen and select your service type.
  • Then comes the tracking number bar, where you enter the number assigned to your order.
  • Finally, press the track button and track your consignment.

Note: BOL/BL is a Bill of lading, i.e., a tracking number called a Booking reference number.

SGPC tracking with tracking number services is available for the container in marine, cargo shipment, transport, terminals, import/export general manifest, port-to-port, logistics, freight, and point-to-point. The information on SGPC tracking orders is available 24/7 on the SGPC tracking portal; the schedule is updated daily. The tracking service is available for both SGP international and domestic customers.

SGCP Tracking Order

The technology has made it easy to make your order online with the help of the SGP online application. All the documentation is managed online, including the payment and reports. The system guarantees the documentation procedure and looks into all customer queries. All the information related to an order is documented, and it is beneficial for business owners as they can make changes according to their needs.

SGPC Tracking Portal

The SGP portal is very easy to use. All the information is available on the tracking portal. If you want any information regarding the SGPC cargo schedule or other services, you would like to avail of it. Visit the SGPC online portal to book or track your order. Make an E-portal account and auto emails for daily updates and view your consignments reports during delivery.

SGPC (Saudi Global Port) Customer Support:-

Contact number: +966 13 510 3750
E-mail: [email protected]
Facsimile (FAX): +966 13 510 3761
Main Office Address: Saudi Global Ports (SGP – SGPC), Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz Port – Dammam

How to track and trace orders on SGPC?

SGPC assigned a tracking number on all orders through which you can track and trace. Go to the SGPC portal and track your order. Further information is available above in the post.

How would I know about my SGPC vessel schedule?

Go to the SGPC official website and there is updated information for all the upcoming vessel schedules.

What is vessel cut-off?

The vessel cut-off is the last day you can make changes to your order or if you want to re-schedule the shipment.

Final Verdict

Saudi Global Port Co. has taken over the Saudi ports. The best cargo, container, terminal, transport, etc. services are at their peak. The online program has taken over the trustworthiness and reliability of its customers. You can easily track through the SGPC Tracking system from every corner of the world. Facilitating both international and domestic clients from all over the globe.

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