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UK Visa tracking

Applying for a UK visa can be an exciting yet anxious process, and the waiting period to know the outcome can be nerve-wracking. The UK government offers various tools and methods to track the status of your visa application. Here, we will inform you through the steps to track your UK visa status, whether inside or outside the UK and provide insight into using the GWF number for visa tracking.

How Do I Track My UK Visa Status? 

Tracking your UK visa status is essential to stay informed about the progress of your application. The UK government provides several ways to do so.

Tracking Your UK Visa Application 

Once you’ve submitted your visa application, you can track its progress using the services provided by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). This allows you to monitor your application’s various stages, from submission to decision.

Checking Your Status Inside the UK

If you’re already in the UK and have applied for a visa extension or switch, you can use UKVI’s online service to track the progress of your application. This service requires you to sign up and create an account on the UKVI website.

Checking Your Status Outside the UK

If you’ve applied for a UK visa from outside the country, you can use your country’s online visa application center. A third-party company manages these centers, and they provide tracking services to help you keep tabs on your visa application.

What Do You Need to Track Your Visa Status?

To track your UK visa status, you typically need the following information:

  1. Application Reference Number: This is a unique number assigned to your visa application.
  2. Date of Birth: Your date of birth is used for verification purposes.
  3. Nationality: Your nationality helps you identify your application correctly.
  4. Passport Number: The passport number linked to your application.

Can I Speed Up My UK Visa Status? 

While the visa processing time is determined by various factors, including the type of visa, you’re applying for and the volume of applications, certain premium services can expedite the process for an additional fee. These services vary based on the type of visa and your location.

UK Visa Tracking with GWF Number

One of the most efficient ways to track your UK visa application is by using the GWF (Global Web Form) number. This unique reference number is generated when you complete your online visa application form on the official government website.

How Do I Know My GWF Number? 

After completing your online application form, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your GWF number. This number is essential for tracking your application.

Track UK Visa Application With GWF Number

Using the GWF number, you can track your UK visa application through the official UKVI website or the visa application center’s online portal. This method provides real-time updates on the status of your application and any changes in its progress.

How To Know UKVI Status of Visa Processing?

The UK Visas and Immigration website offers a user-friendly interface for tracking your visa application. You can enter your GWF number, date of birth, and nationality to get an instant update on the status of your application.


Tracking your UK visa application status is a crucial step to staying informed about the progress and decision of your application. Whether inside or outside the UK, the available tools and methods, including the GWF number, make monitoring your application’s journey easier than ever. Remember that visa processing times may vary, so you must be patient while you await your visa decision.

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