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VFS Global Tracking

In today’s globalized world, international travel and migration have become more accessible and prevalent. As a hub of economic, cultural, and religious significance, Saudi Arabia attracts many visitors and expatriates worldwide. Enter your VFS Global Tracking Number in below tracking system to track your application.

To facilitate this influx of people, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has partnered with VFS Global, a leading outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic missions and governments worldwide, to streamline its visa application processes. VFS Global Tracking in Saudi Arabia is essential in making the visa application process more efficient and transparent.

VFS Global A Global Service Provider

VFS Global is a renowned company that has been at the forefront of providing innovative and efficient visa application solutions to governments and travellers worldwide. Established in 2001, VFS Global has grown exponentially and operates in over 144 countries, serving over 64 client governments. Its primary mission is to enhance visa and passport application processes’ efficiency, security, and convenience.

The Partnership with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s partnership with VFS Global is a testament to its commitment to modernizing and streamlining its visa application services. The Saudi government recognized the need for a more efficient and user-friendly system to handle the increasing number of visa applications. This led to the establishing of a robust network of visa application centres across the globe, managed by VFS Global.

VFS Global Tracking

Central to the success of this partnership is the VFS Global Tracking system. This online platform provides applicants with a user-friendly interface to monitor the status of their visa applications in real time. Here’s how VFS Global Tracking works in Saudi Arabia:

Application Submission

Visa applicants can submit their applications through VFS Global Visa Application Centers. These centres are strategically located in major cities worldwide, making it convenient for travellers to access their services.

Tracking Application Status

Applicants receive a unique tracking ID once the application is submitted. This ID allows them to log in to the VFS Global Tracking system via the official website or mobile app to check the status of their visa application.

Exact Updates

The tracking system updates the application’s progress. This includes whether the application has been received, is under processing, or has been approved. Applicants can also receive email or SMS notifications at critical process stages.

Document Collection

After the visa is approved, applicants can use the tracking system to know when and where to collect their passports and other relevant documents.

Benefits of VFS Global Tracking in Saudi Arabia

The implementation of VFS Global Tracking in Saudi Arabia has brought about numerous benefits:


Applicants have complete visibility into the status of their applications, reducing anxiety and uncertainty during the waiting period.


The streamlined process leads to quicker visa processing times, particularly important for those with time-sensitive travel plans.


The online tracking system is accessible 24/7, allowing applicants to check their application status conveniently.


Email and SMS notifications keep applicants informed about their application status, eliminating the need for constant inquiries.

Reduced Workload

The system also benefits embassy and consulate staff by reducing the volume of inquiries and allowing them to focus on processing applications efficiently.


VFS Global Tracking in Saudi Arabia is a shining example of how technology can enhance and simplify visa application processes. This partnership between the Saudi government and VFS Global has not only improved the efficiency and transparency of the visa application process but also contributed to the overall positive image of the Kingdom as a welcoming destination for travellers, businesspeople, and expatriates. It stands as a model for other countries seeking to modernize their visa services and provide a seamless experience to those who wish to visit or reside within their borders.

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